A Successful Project Shows How NOT To Do A Flex Goal

Levi and I have mentioned several times that a flex goal strategy can increase your odds of success.

I just want to make it clear that Locust Street Taxi is not actually trying to employ the flex goal approach.  But I do find it interesting that they allude to it, somewhat randomly, in their video.

And by doing so, they just sort of stumble across a good example of how NOT to do a flex goal!

So, if you are feeling up for it, take a look through Locust Street Taxi’s Kickstarter and keep the idea of a flex goal in mind…

View Locust Street Taxi’s Kickstarter



Did you see it?

Read it?

Hear it?

If you weren't listening carefully, you may have missed it.

The only place that I can find mention of a flex goal is at about the 1 minute mark in the video for about 15 seconds.

Randomly mentioning your flex goal once in the video is a good example of how NOT to do a flex goal!

If you are doing a flex goal, be sure it shows up EVERYWHERE, specifically:

  • Video
  • Project Description
  • Supporting Graphics
  • and even in Risks & Challenges

It is critical that you are clear in what you are attempting to do when employing flex goals.

Backers need to be completely educated so that they can understand their role in helping you achieve your ultimate project goal, not just the minimum.

Speaking of educate...



Nathan of Locust Street Taxi mentions in the video the ideas of being backed up by a big band or hiring professional string players.

Those actually sound like righteous ideas!

How much do you suppose it would cost?

He doesn't mention it and probably doesn't even know for sure!  And if you don't know, how will your fans know?

Giving fans the desired outcome of the flex goal without a specific cost is a good example of how NOT to do a flex goal!

Look at the example graphic here.  This is the sort of information you need to know when presenting your flex goal.  EXACTLY how much does your flex goal cost. That is what fans and backers need to know.



When using a flex goal approach to increase your odds of success, be 100% sure to clearly communicate the flex goals you are using.  Do this in multiple places in your project and ensure that you include specific dollar amounts and actions that you will do with the money.

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