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The Aury Moore Band (AMB) has been around Seattle, WA, long enough to generate a substantial fan base and to get themselves on the KING 5 news!  In early August, they launched their Kickstarter campaign shooting for a whopping $18,000.

Launch and Release (L&R) has been fortunate enough to converse with Aury.  She is not only a talented artist, but is a very honest person.

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Aury indicated that the video was a major challenge.  The band made several attempts at trying the typical interview approach:  "This is who I am, this is what we are trying to do"...

It was not working.

Aury Moore: The thing that makes me successful as an artist is that when people see me on stage an honesty comes out of me. On stage I am fully exposed to my crowd. In front of a camera I become fake. We re-recorded this 3 times! 2 times with my drummer and I. Even went to a rockstars house and filmed it there thinking [the] cool ambiance would make it better but... I was still bad...

I love the honesty; if we could all be so candid!

But this is important:  Aury was smart enough to realize it wasn't working.

Imagine if she had been in a hurry, bull rushed through this part and released a crappy video.  Uffda.  (That's norwegian ya know.)

Thankfully, Aury's Godson had the inspiration to spoof Real Men of Genius from Bud Lite's old marketing plan.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

She took the time to figure it out and it paid off.


Aury Moore:  The other thing about our campaign that I think helps is that we as a band consider our fans as part of the band. We wanted to give them ownership. That is why there are so many references to "Be a Part of the AMB" . We could not do it without them and many thru this whole campaign have embraced that. They keep responding in their posts as Help Us.. Or We are almost there! or... help our band... they know they are a part of us and we want them to be a part. Without them we are really nothing.. we know this and take it to heart. Those who support us are a part of our band... they have ownership and they know they are in this thing with us.

MAJOR POINTS deserved on this one.

It is what changes K$ from a glorified pre-sell into a full on artistic endeavor!



Maybe I did the sections backwards here...

First, take Aury's thoughts to heart:  consider fans a part of the band!

This completely changes the dynamic of your Kickstarter from a glorified pre-sell into a collaborative effort.  It gives backers ownership and encourages them to take their actions a step further than simply donating.

Second, make sure you figure out a video format that works for you.  Don't get in a hurry and record something that you know isn't right  Take the time to ensure that you are accurately representing yourself.

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