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On average, campaigns who work with Launch and Release raise over $3,000 more than the average Kickstarter campaign in creative genres.

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Campaigns designed using the 6-Step Roadmap are regularly featured by Kickstarter as New & Noteworthy or What's Popular.

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Join hundreds of other campaigns who have a success rate of over 96% and have raised over $1.7MM+ using techniques from Launch and Release.

Thanks a lot for the great course, I have been singing your praises to anyone who might listen! The modules are structured really well and it really gave me the confidence to do a campaign like this for the first time. Great work!

Joel Havea
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I wanted to let you know that your modules *really* resonated with me and, cheesy at it sounds, the purpose worth backing assignment kicked off some seriously needed soul-searching. Thanks for taking the time to do all this research and compile your findings. I totally recommend you to people who are doing fundraising research and thinking about launching Kickstarters!

Rebecca Loebe
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Ian Anderson

Co-founder of Launch and Release

About the Author

Most artists who crowdfund know what they need (money and support) but aren't sure how best to get it. They end up hoping a "great video" and social media will cover it but 60% of their campaigns fail. That's why I helped create a 6-Step Launch Process that helps artists build a campaign based on best fundraising practices and proven principles. Artists who use it worry less, get more backers and get more exposure for the project they truly care about.

For a guy like me - a former touring musician and current nerdy Economist who is obsessed with making things better and improving the status quo - this fulfills my personal mission while preserving my ability to imbibe in perfectly timed outdoor adventures and caffeinated drinks!

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