An Artist's Guide to Crowdfunding Domination

My 154-page eBook WILL help you crush your campaign:

  • Receive a complete brain-dump of my first-hand experiences plus analysis from many thousands of prior campaigns that you won't find anywhere else.
  • See how to assure a positive mental mindset that will spark donations by leveraging your artistic purpose into a fundraising powerhouse
  • Build a campaign that will get more backers by following the 6-Step Launch Process, a series of simple, doable and purposeful actions that get results.

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Lauri Jones, Raised $10,681 on Kickstarter

“This book is fantastic, full of great information. I really enjoyed seeing all of the info from your course jam packed in such a cohesive format. You really care about people's success and have covered all of the bases in such great detail. Eric [my producer] and I are very grateful that we discovered and implemented your strategies. Your wisdom really allowed us to knock our campaign out of the ballpark.”

In this eBook, You Will Discover How To:


Execute specific strategies that create awareness and buzz, getting your campaign in front of the right people you can spread the word and go bigger than ever.


Employ expert fundraising methods that will help you build and fearlessly promote an irresistible campaign without looking like a sell-out.


Turbocharge your ability to connect with people by being the embodiment of authenticity, inspiration, and caring for your backers while ditching the most common mental pitfalls that sabotage campaigns.


Get answers to FAQs. Learn what to expect during your campaign. Understand what you can do about the most common problems that undermine campaign efforts and compromise results.

About the Author: Ian Anderson

Most artists who crowdfund know what they need but aren't sure how best to get it. They end up hoping a 'great video' and social media will cover it but 60% of their campaigns fail. That's why I helped create a 6-Step Launch Process to help artists build a campaign based on best fundraising practices and proven principles. Hundreds of artists have used this process, raising $1,725,787 and counting with a campaign success rate of over 96%.

For a guy like me - a former touring musician come nerdy Economist who is obsessed with making things better and improving the status quo - this fulfills my personal mission while preserving my ability to imbibe in perfectly timed outdoor adventures and caffeinated drinks!

What People Are Saying

Debra Mann, Raised $13,550

“I just wanted to tell you how much your book helped me to wrap my head around crowdfunding. It is excellent in content, writing quality, humor, wisdom and visual readability!”

MJ Lee, Raised $12,783

“Ian's book provides a set of straightforward steps for artists and creators who want to crowdfund their projects. If you're a first-timer looking for practical advice on how to run a campaign, this is a great place to start.”

An Artist's Guide to Crowdfunding Domination

covers three parts:


Part One: Crowdfunding Context and Principles

Crowdfunding from a 40,000 foot view. The first three chapters will describe the state of rewards-based crowdfunding for creatives including some surprising statistics that will point the way towards success as well as in-depth recommendations for mindset and preparing to ask people to support your campaign. 


Part Two: Build Your Campaign

Six chapters, each of which is dedicated to a specific step from the 6-Step Launch Process. This section will help you build your optimal campaign without all of the headache and second-guessing that comes along with most vague internet advice. These steps are specific, actionable and will move you towards launch.


Part Three: Ready to Launch

Your campaign is built, now it's time for the final few pieces to fall into place. The last three chapters will prepare you for how the campaign will unfold and will fill in the remaining few gaps you might have by addressing FAQs as well as common trouble spots for campaigns and how you should address them.

For Artists Who Want to Get More Backers and Crush Their Campaign

What can you really expect from an ebook?

There are many crowdfunding books out there but this 154-page ebook is unique in being specific to creative artists and in providing a specific, 6-Step framework with detailed instruction that focuses on getting 80% of the results from 20% of the work, helping you raise more while doing less. You won't find another book with this amount of experience, understanding, research, and data behind it.

Get the eBook now:

.pdf, .epub or .mobi formats available for download.

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Get the eBook now:

.pdf, .epub or .mobi formats available for download.