Raise Thousands MORE For Your Project (Even if You Don't Have Fans)

If you are ready to crush your crowdfunding campaign but are tired of wondering exactly what to do, how to do it and if it will even get you the money and exposure you need, then you have come to the right place...

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How to Raise $13k in 24 Days Without Looking Like a Beggar and Risking Failure

Crowdfunding... doesn't it really just seem like the lesser of two evils? Seriously, would you rather:

1) Spend months planning a crowdfunding campaign without a complete understanding of precisely what to do to crush it because most internet advice you read is superficial, vague and nebulous. Oh, and the campaign will require you to ask people for money which may leave you hesitant about the outcome or, even worse, feeling like a beggar or a failure. -OR-

2) Pay for your next project by putting it on the back burner and, instead, slaving away at an extra job for months and months or by sacrificing your hard-earned nest egg or, gulp, by borrowing the funds, being committed to paying them back and having no guarantees that the project will generate any revenue at all?

Neither option sounds good when all you really want to do is create the project you are so excited about so you can get to work gaining the exposure, fans and success that you are hoping for and dreaming of!

Imagine how unstoppable you would feel if your campaign message was completely authentic, showing the real you, in a way you were proud to share.

Consider how empowering it would be to complete a campaign knowing that the people who pledged truly care about you and the art you are creating.

Crowdfunding DOESN'T have to be painful. In fact, it's a fantastic opportunity to raise money for your project and start moving forward with a bang!

Yes, there is more to it than a video and rewards and, yes, it does take some effort. But if you aren't afraid of some hard work and if you care deeply about what you are doing, you can definitely raise the $13k or $5k or $25k needed to do your project.

Critical Campaign Decisions Make or Break Your Campaign

Where do you find people who will back your campaign? You know better than to assume that a couple of social media posts will help your campaign go viral. So how do you effectively spread the word, get exposure for your campaign, reach people and be sure you're not just blasting out some message via social media that gets lost in space? 

What kind of video should you make? It's tempting to do something funny and clever. Maybe you can get some social media traction and go viral. Then again, people might respond better to something inspirational. After all, appealing to​ emotion is exactly what you do in your art.

What goal amount should you choose?​ If you set it too high, you may not reach it and end up empty-handed. But if you set it too low, people might stop pledging once you've hit it even though you really need more.

Are You Doing Enough? Are You Doing It Right? Will It Even Work?

Even if you view page after page of ultimate checklists, Top-5 lists and How-Somebody-Raised-A-Million-Dollars and make a comprehensive list of everything you read, you are still only covering the material at a superficial level and you are still left on your own. Because "everything you need to know about crowdfunding" isn't going to fit into an 800-word blog post.

Learn the Most Effective Method for Getting More Backers, Even if You Don't Have Fans

That's why I'm here: to get you the information you need to ditch the guess work and, instead, optimize each step of your campaign design!

The moment your campaign goes live can either be exhilarating -or- dreadful. Will you launch to kudos and applause? Or to crickets chirping?

The difference between one versus the other is your preparation. Is your campaign based on sound, proven principles? Or on the assumption and hope that what everybody else has done will work for you?

You've got to be careful here because the conditions behind the most popular campaigns are not what 99.5%+ of campaigns will be faced with. The mechanisms underlying Amanda Palmer's huge album, the insanely popular Coolest cooler, Spike Lee's hottest joint or the inexplicably crowd-pleasing game about Exploding Kittens lie on an extreme scale.

It's unnecessary to guess and hope. Campaigns such as Tony Polecastro's Debut Album, Joel Hubbard's Rugged & Modern Ceramic Drink-Wares, the photo book and web series "Vanjeros" and Sarah Avery's fantasy novella, who have beat their goals by up to 300% (with little or even zero fanbase), illuminate the way. You can use the same methods to be certain you are crushing it.

If you are dedicated, passionate and driven, there is no doubt that you've come to the right place to make all of your hard work count!

Take Your Campaign to the Next Level Without Wasting Your Time On Unproven Clichés

One of the core philosophies you'll hear me mention is 80/20: do the 20% of the work that will get you 80% of the results.

Knowing precisely which work is 80/20 is also what will make your hard work shine. A couple of the most important steps that most checklists and and internet articles miss but are critical to crushing it and getting your best results are:

At the very beginning, take the time to establish your Purpose. WHY are you doing this?

The most effective video will highlight your Purpose and follow my 3-part pitch video framework.

Use the pre-load trick during your 4-day launch sequence to seed the tip jar and get the buzz started.

Avoid the Mistakes That Doom Most Campaigns

  • Over 60% of Kickstarter Campaigns Fail
    Most people go it on their own, launching with fear and uncertainty or, even worse, faulty assumptions. The data proves it.
    • Their Mistakes Are Predictable
      There are only so many ways to screw it up. For most campaigns, the big mistake is some combination of assuming social media will do all the work and give them "more exposure", trying to raise too much money or being inauthentic and using mostly bull$h!t hype to get backers.
  • Characteristics of Successful Campaigns
    Authenticity, a video with the right message, knowing where to go to get backers... The key lies in executing simply and effectively. That is what separates the expert from the novice.

P.S. Asking for Money Doesn't Have to Suck!

Almost every artist I've ever talked to has felt uncomfortable asking for money. They don't want to look like a bum. They don't want to catch flack from their broke friends. They don't want to offend people.

I can tell you that these feelings disappear when you come from a place of authenticity and opportunity, asking with mutual interest and common ground in mind.

Get Ready To DITCH the Risk and DOMINATE Your Campaign


There is no other product, system, checklist or article that gives such specific, actionable, step-by-step instructions to move your campaign beyond guesswork to an optimized plan that will put you where you want to be.

The Advanced Crowdfunding System is an online, multimedia course featuring 6 Modules including detailed video instruction to walk you through each step making sure you do everything you can to get more backers and crush it.

The Advanced Crowdfunding System will help you:​

  1.  Get Quick Results: learn how to dominate your campaign in under 2.5 hours using the same steps that have a 96% success rate.
  2. Get More Backers: six modules of step-by-step instructions to create a campaign that will resonate with your audience, giving you momentum and energy towards your ultimate project goal.
  3. A Solid, Comprehensive Game Plan: be certain you won't miss a thing with the timelines, checklists and templates necessary to construct your ultimate crowdfunding campaign.

Hundreds of artists have used the Advanced Crowdfunding System to design and launch their campaign in creative genres. The results are phenomenal:​


Average Raised


Success Rate


Average Pledge

The Advanced Crowdfunding System Features Six Modules:


This is definitely what artists think they need the least, but they always tell me this module changed their lives. Do YOU know how to tell your story for maximum impact? This module includes exercises to communicate it clearly as well as examples of failed, unsuccessful campaign videos to avoid and stellar, successful campaign videos to emulate.


I constantly get emails from people (who didn't buy this course) struggling through their campaign. This module could have prevented that every time. Learn the six categories of influence so you can target the people most likely to pledge and leave no stone unturned with promoting your campaign so you can raise your maximum amount.


Know how much you can raise BEFORE you launch by generating a custom estimate of your unique ability to raise funds via my Funding Estimator. Then use this framework to build a stretch goal strategy that will get you to your maximum fundraising potential without putting you at risk of failure. This is incredibly important to address before you launch your campaign!


Learn key concepts in rewards design including how people view rewards and the implications for your pricing, scientifically supported pricing levels (seriously) that will help maximize contributions and mistakes to avoid. Use my step-by-step, guided spreadsheet to quickly create your rewards and tweak them to max-profitability. This module eliminates the need for hours of research!


A proven 3-part pitch video framework that's easy to follow (even if you only have an iPhone to shoot with). Reduce months of overthinking to just a couple hours using the Rough Draft Challenge to overcome your fear of looking uncomfortable, funny, or weird. Create a a killer video in no time, presenting your most authentic self that you can be proud to share.


A specific Four Day Launch Sequence, Three Day End Sequence and everything in between. You'll know exactly what to do and how to maximize the psychological triggers and timing elements that can multiply your campaign's total funding amount. You simply cannot afford NOT to take in this module. Includes launch calendar and project checklists.

What People Are Saying About The Advanced Crowdfunding System

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“As a relatively new artist with a small following, I was dubious about how much I could raise through crowdfunding.”

“However, by following the Advanced Crowdfunding System by Launch and Release, I was able to raise 117% of my Kickstarter goal, smashing my original target...

I'm so glad I invested the time and money in the course as, without it, I would have made almost every mistake in the book! Armed with the knowledge Launch and Release gave me, it turned what could have been a very stressful month into a very exciting one, as it was a case of waiting to see when, not if, I hit my goal."

Oliver Corse
- Hip Hop Artist, raised $5,153 on Kickstarter

“This was my second Kickstarter and I was pretty sure I knew enough to be successful without paying for the course.”

“But you provided helpful organizational tools, statistics and insight as well as affirmation that I was doing things right by focussing on my core fans.

It just gave me that extra boost of confidence to rely on the experience I had and to trust my instincts.

I have seen many campaigns crash and burn, not because they don't have the talent or the fan base, but because they don't understand the nature of the work involved.

Your course does a great job of outlining exactly what it takes.”

Grace Pettis
- Singer/songwriter, raised $24,010 on Kickstarter
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“If I had done nothing else to prepare for Kickstarter, this course would have been enough.”

“Anytime someone asks me about my Kickstarter experience, your course is one of the first things I mention, and the most unambiguously positive.

Your help made a huge difference to me, and I'm glad to point more authors your way.”

Sarah Avery
- Author, raised $6,695 on Kickstarter

Get Started For Just $259!

Only two payments of $129.50 ($259 total)

The Advanced Crowdfunding System is a proven solution for getting more backers and raising more money. People who have used it regularly raise at least 10x, if not 20-50x, more for their campaign than the cost of this system. If the principles you've read about to this point make sense to you and if raising more for your campaign is something you are interested in, then now is the time to take advantage of this special pricing.

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Get Real, Tangible Results

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I was concerned that my crazy life would result in not having enough time to run a great campaign.”

“But Launch and Release quickly helped in removing my fears by providing simple instructions that I could follow along with the background information I needed to do a great job.

Fast forward and here I am with a great campaign under my belt and the ability to achieve my vision of creating awesome ceramic vessels without having to go into debt or take all of the risk myself!"

Joel Hubbard
- Ceramic Artisan, raised $13,775 on Kickstarter

“I was hesitant to spend the money at first, but I'm so glad I did.”

“It was worth every penny - thank you so much for the guidance, perspective, and inspiration that I could get this Kickstarter thing under control and actually meet and surpass my goals.

Having you in my corner made all the difference. Thanks again!"

Peter Su
- Singer/Songwriter, raised $26,775 on Kickstarter
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Ian Anderson
Co-founder of Launch and Release

About the Author

Most artists who crowdfund know what they need but aren't sure how best to get it. They end up hoping a 'great video' and social media will cover it but 60% of their campaigns fail. That's why I helped create a 6-Step Launch Process to help artists build a campaign based on best fundraising practices and proven principles. Artists who use it worry less, get more backers and get more exposure for the project they truly care about.

​For a guy like me - a former touring musician come nerdy Economist who is obsessed with making things better and improving the status quo - this fulfills my personal mission while preserving my ability to imbibe in perfectly timed outdoor adventures and caffeinated drinks!

You Want to do Everything Possible

All the many artists and creators I have talked to have one simple desire: TO DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE towards making their campaign a runaway success.

​But many are also uncertain about how to handle their own unique situations.

  • What is the best way to proceed if you have thousands of current fans and customers? What if you are just getting started and no one knows about you or what you do? 
  • If you haven't done this for awhile, will that affect where you should focus your efforts? Or what if you have recently ran a crowdfunding campaign, will it work for you again?
  • What should you do if you don't have technical skills with video or social media?

The bottom line is that regardless of your unique situation, the building blocks of a successful campaign are the same because the mechanics don't change. What you say might change because you need to be authentic to your reality and position but how you say it and how you present it will always be the same: authentically, truthfully and excitedly!

But You Don't Want To Waste Your $$$

Besides having raised over $1.8MM for my customers, I can also give you a 100% guarantee:

If, for ANY reason, the Advanced Crowdfunding System does not live up to your expectations or meet your needs, simply reply to your purchase receipt or just contact me directly within thirty days of purchase to get a full 100% refund with no questions asked.​

Feel Confident You Have Done Your Best

Many campaigns launch only to discover that they missed something. They often do one of two things: they give up completely or they look for help after the fact, often returning to the same resources they consulted during campaign creation. But nobody needs to be in that senseless situation:

Using the Advanced Crowdfunding System

  • Our average campaign raises more than $13,000!
  • Base your campaign on volumes of research, experience and observation.
  • Proceed confidently knowing that each step has been taken care of using best crowdfunding practices.

Crowdfunding All By Yourself

  • The average successful Kickstarter campaign raises less than $9,900.
  • Difficult, if not impossible, to find help based on more than an anecdotal case study or Top-5 list.
  • Months of doubt and second-guessing often result in a delayed or no launch.

Here's What You'll Get in the Advanced Crowdfunding System:

  • 12 instructional videos and 14 example videos to provide understanding and context.
  • 10 exercises which will result in your campaign being fully created and optimized.
  • PDF and spreadsheet downloads to assist you in completing exercises and campaign activities such as creating a profitable list of rewards, writing your campaign video, or planning your campaign launch.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S. I want you to absolutely crush your campaign but I also want you to get started. It is important to develop momentum and to show yourself that you will do what it takes to launch.

If you fail to act now, you risk the very real possibility of not following through with your plan. Don't sabotage the very project you have been dreaming of. Instead, commit to yourself, your project and your campaign by moving forward with your career!

Yes, I want to get started with crowdfunding domination!